Allmendingen is situated in the Alb-Danube-District, about 25 km away from Ulm.

We’ve got about 4395 inhabitants, 3300 of them live in Allmendingen itself. In Ennahofen, Grötzingen, Niederhofen and Weilersteußlingen, which belong to Allmendingen too, live about 1000 inhabitants. The community district of Allmendingen covers an area of about 46 km², (that means 94 inhabitants per km²).

Looking for recreation?

Allmendingen is lovely enclosed in the Schmiech Valley at the foot of the Swabian Alb. Get your walking boots and explore one of the numerous hiking tracks around our village, enjoy a swim in the village’s outdoor pool or go bird-watching at the nature reserve “Schmiechener See”, a nearly silted up lake with its unique avifauna and flora.
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Local History

In 2011 our community celebrated its 1050th anniversary. Allmendingen’s existence is proved by documentary evidence put down in writing by Emperor Otto I. in which he confirms the exchange of the settlement of Allmendingen between the Bishop of Chur and the monastry of Schwarzach.
Recently it was verified that Allmendingen has already been in existence since the reign of Ludwig I. – which was from 814 to 840 – Allmendingen being a donation from Bishop Nottung to the monastry of Reichenau.
It can be taken for sure that our region has been inhabited by man for thousands of years. Archaeological finds of graves dating back to the period of Hallstatt Culture (1200 – 450 BC) have been made in recent times.
In the 15th century the Imperial Knights of Freyberg settled down in Allmendingen being vested with all rights of municipal administration and jurisdiction. A well-preserved castle in the centre of our village bears witness to that epoch.


Allmendingen has been cultivating a twinning arrangement with the French town of Querqueville in Normandy for more than 30 years. It also maintains friendly connections with the Swiss town of Allmendingen near Bern.

Querqueville / Normandy (France)
Querqueville is situated near Cherbourg at the French channel coast. In June 1981 the seal was set to the twinning between Querqueville and Allmendingen by signing a partnership contract. Numerous mutual good-will visits and official meetings have taken place since then. The 30th anniversary of this partnership was celebrated in Allmendingen in July 2011 together with about 150 guests from Querqueville.

Allmendingen near Bern (Switzerland)
Since 1978 Allmendingen has been keeping a friendly relationship with the Swiss town of Allmendingen near Bern. Both, our village and the Swiss Allmendingen are the only independent municipalities with this name within Europe. In 1961 a first contact to Allmendingen in Switzerland was built up on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of our village but the project of a twinning couldn’t be realized. However a close friendship has been developing since 1978.